Knex Pistol With Mag




Introduction: Knex Pistol With Mag

Hello this is my 2nd thing on the site and it is a new knex pistol made up of other guns and me putting them together to make a powerful gun specs:

Mag 10 (max) (doesn't jams)
Mag pusher (the dunkis)
True trigger don't know if its anyones
Handle (Viccie.B1993NB-4 pistol)
Range 15-25 feet (powerful for its size)(depending on rubber bands)



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    27 Discussions

    O nvm sorry I just saw date stamp. I couldn't see it my page was still loading.

    No its not
    1 does not shoot
    2 doesnt look exctly like a shot gun
    3 your weird
    4 this guns better
    5 oh and guess what so is this one

    so yeah kid next time i wouldnt say anything or post unless you have something worty of posting or innovative then you may gain respect.

    you are one of the many examples on this website people who have no idea what they are doing .

    I modded the trigger and added a scope to mak it sturdy and accurate

    hey you seem like a pro, how da ya think of my knex pistol?

    make the mag longer and u'll have a gun that resembles the Tec 9

    no its not it looks a tiny bit like it but every gun which is a pistol with a seperate mag look all the same