K'nex/bb Shooter

Dont know how far it shoots, but its not bad.

Step 1: Step One.

just make this. easy-peasy.

note: these are 8 dark grey one-slot connectors.

Step 2: Step Two.

also easy.. just make it:)

Step 3: Step Three

Assemble these two.

Step 4: Step Four.

make these.

Step 5: Step Five

Pic 1: put it on the back.
Pic 2: assemble the blue sticks with the red connectors on it.

Step 6: Step Six.

put one grey 1 slot connector behind the back stand.

Step 7: Step Seven.

Bend the rods so they're only with the back on the ground.

Note: the orange thing at the top isnt made yet:D

Step 8: Step Eight. Almost Done!

Make the firing pin.

Step 9: Step Nine. Finished!

get the firing pin in, and put a rubberband on it. you have to put the rubberband under the front hole. pull the pin back and push it a little bit down, so it leans on the firing pin.

Step 10: Step Ten. How to Shoot?

not hard. just push the blue rods so the pin is'nt blocked by the top of a connector. Load the ammo in the front. (bb/small green rod)

Don't forget to comment! I hope you like my gun!



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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 10

    u could do the same thing only with a red rod so more bbs and it could be a shotgun


    9 years ago on Step 9

     i added a longeer barrel and added grips instead of a tri-pod i also added a bolt blocker using a orange connector paice


    10 years ago on Introduction

    im making this ill post pics when im done ps very simple but mine hassent got the blue legs on


    10 years ago on Step 10

    GREAT , i had loads of k-nex but i lost it when i find the correct peices i iz definatly making this


    10 years ago on Introduction

    some pictures are a little bit dark, I advice you take the pictures in a well lit room, or when thesun is up. but it is a nice little gun.