Lacing Needle for Leatherwork Kits




Introduction: Lacing Needle for Leatherwork Kits

introMake a leather lacing needle, custom size
If you have a leather lacing project,the needles with the prongs are bothersome. It is nicer to have a needle that has the lace threaded into one end. You can buy these. They are also 1/8" in diameter. This is too large for a typical wallet leather kit.

This instructable tells how to make a thread in type of needle 3/32" in diameter, which fits the holes in the leather wallet kit I was lacing.

You will need:

Brass tubing, 3/32" from typical hobby shop.
2 pairs of pliers
small triangular file
A screw smaller than 3/32" dia. but too large to fit the inside diameter of the tubing.

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Step 1: Cut Tube to Length

Use cutters of pliers to trim tube to the desired length, 2 to 3 inches.

Step 2: Cut the Thread

Use the screw as a thread cutting tap. You need a screw harder than the brass tube so anything but a brass screw should work. You could use screwdriver instead of the pliers. I didn't have the T4 size torx head screwdriver, so I used pliers.

This step took about 30 minutes.

Picture is a bit fuzzy, so it is hard to see the screw being held by the needle nose pliers.

Step 3: Preliminary Step to Forming Needle Tip.

Use the traingular file to notch the point end of the needle. This is the opposite end of needle from the inside threads made in previous steps. I made three or four notches about half as deep as the diameter of the tubing.

Step 4: Form the Tip of the Needle

Using the needle nose pliers, bend the tabs created by the filing. Bend the tabs together to form a blunt point. File smooth anything that sticks out.

Step 5: Insert Lace

You can cut the tip of the lace to a point or short taper. Then thread the lace into the needle. The lace will now be held securely with the threaded end of the needle.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've made a few lacing needles from an old rifle cleaning kit that I had laying around. The brass rods in it had six rods, 3@1/8 and 3@3/16 (iirc). They were female threaded on one end and male threaded at the other. I cut the female end of the rods off and sharpened the cut ends. So six already female threaded and 6 solid rods with male threads to be used later for whatever.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Funny, I was jus looking through my stash to find tubing small enough to make a leather lacing needle. Came back in, sat down at my computer and find this. Found the tubing but not a screw yet. Nice to know brilliant minds think alike LOL. I was thinking of silver soldering a solid length of rod into the tubing and rounding it off though.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That's what she said...

    Nice instructable, OP. Gonna have to use this one.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice I do lacing my self and this would make the job so much better, faster. I dread doing the lacing on most projects long and redundant part of any leather project. looks nice when finished but still yet I dread doing it on big projects