Lady Bug Lantern




hi, im noobie 605 and this is my first instructable. your probably wondering...WTF IS A LADY BUG LANTERN? well in winter, (which is what season it is here) i get a ton of lady bugs in and around my lamp. well this is to keep them away from the hot unforgiving death trap that is my lamp.

Step 1: Materials

glue gun

popsicle sticks

disco ball

optional) airsoft bbs

Step 2: GLUE IT!!!

take the top of the ball off.

glue the sticks together like this, make three.

Step 3: GLUE AGAIN!!!!

glue them to the base of the ball and add supports.

OPTIONAL!!!!) glue on bbs for grapples.

how it keeps the ladybugs off the lamp is because they go after the warmth of the light im using a bulb that produces more heat than my lamp they realize this and go after this one. it doesnt have any spinning blades and they cannot get harmed. :)

Step 4: DONE!!!!

be happy that all the lady bugs are safe and protected!!



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It's not sweet, Ladybird-Beetles are annoying little boogers. During the winter in my area, we put plastic over the inside of our windows for extra insulation, the main glass panel is closed on the outside, but guess what happens over the entire course of the winter, there ends up being a huge collection of dead beetles in the area between the plastic and glass! These little things are everywhere! I say kill them all!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    these home invading ladybugs are NOT native species they are imported asian ladybugs that are out competing out old lovable types. they need to be killed just my opinion but i rather have out ol sweet 2 spot or 9 spots back that never bother a soul :)


    9 years ago on Introduction don't have any pictures or steps explaining what this actually does...or how it keeps lady bugs away from your lights..

    also...the "disco ball" doesn't seem to be used ever either (not even in a joke...and not to mention that that isn't a disco ball)

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    actually on step 2 it says that you "take the top of the ball off" so theres a use of it and on the final pic u can see the ball with the top off. i also explain in step one what it does and i understand how one can get confused on how it can keep them away and i will add an explanation now. i skipped explaining because at the moment i was tired.