Lamp With Vinyl Record Shelves



Introduction: Lamp With Vinyl Record Shelves

I have had a boring lamp in my closet for about a year now.  I decided that I could fix this lamp up into a more interesting design.  After some surfing on this site, I found a tutorial for making vinyl record bowls.  "Record Bowls" by fungus amungus:(

  I decided to try to make these bowls and incorporate them into my old lamp.  I have never posted on this site or altered a lamp before this.  Here is what I did, hopefully someone can find it useful in their creative processes.

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Step 1: Tools

I used only tools and materials that I already had in my aparment.  I used one shoelace, some electrical tape, one old lamp, two old used records, scissors, a knife, pliers, and a drill. 

Step 2: Melt Records

after placing one record on a bowl on a cookie plate, and two other records on glass cups on a cookie plate, you heat them individually at about 220 degress for a few minutes and then fold the edges of them.  For more information see the link posted in the introduction

y, my lamp just twisted apart into three sections, I decided to shorten the lamp by one section and put in two vinyl record shelves.  After cutting the wire near the top of the lamp and dissambeling the lamp,  I used a drill to widen the holes in the records until I could screw the record onto the pieces of the lamp.   This isn't a safe or recomended method, but it worked.

Step 3: Assemble the Lamp

The hardest part was to get the wiring to go back through the skinny pole that makes up the body of the lamp, the wire barely fit.  I ended up dropping a shoelace through one side, tying it to the electrical wire, and pulling it  back through the tube to where it needed to be on each section.

I also had a problem with turning three sections into two.  To fix this, I had to use a wrench to remove the inner fitting of one section, and then use the wrench to screw it into the other section.  

Step 4: Reconnect the Wires

When you get to the top part of the lamp, you must reconnect the wires.  To do this I carefully stripped the wire casing and twisted the wires back together.  I then wrapped the attached wire tightly with multiple layers of electrical tape.  After doing this, I tested the lamp with a lightbulb to make sure that it turned on before proceeding to finish the lamp.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

I then put the lightbulb and socket onto the top of the lamp and made sure all the parts were screwed together tightly.  I put one vinyl record on top to be used as the lamp shade.  Now I have a stylish new lamp with shelving to store everyday objects.

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