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Introduction: Laptop Cheap Strong Travel Case, Homeless Style - Expensive Content

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If you have an expensive laptop and you are living in a nasty neigbourhood, better have a ***** homeless James Bond style. That's a super cheap, almost indestructible case to fall with your laptop,while on a design mission in the ghetto. Rainproof, shockproof, and you won't get robbed because it has simple garbage look.

Step 1: Make It !

0 = collect
If you live in a popular area in a city, you are probably passing everyday by a lot of garbage, pay attention. I was lucky enough to collect wood (brown), stupid posters (green), industrial plastic coated felt (grey), dead bike tyre (black), yellow foam bed (yellow).
What you need to buy, or you have might have them before hand is 2 metal plates to make a lock support, construction thread and a big leather needle.

1 = wood work, the bones
Assemble the wood boards in 2 main parts, a little differently profiled so once they fit, they won't move too much, but for now they must move independently. Nail strongly the boards and be generous on the glue.

1b = coating, the skin
I glued the poster I found in the streets to coat my case. If you want it more water proof and stabilised you can varnish it. I want it too look garbage and look worst as time is passing, so it has to be structurally strong, but the skin must be fragile.

2 = the lock
Screw the 2 metal plates so the wooden box gets tightly closed if you forget it in the street. Make sure the screws are not accessible from the outside of the case. The lock shouldn't be too big not to attract too much attention by it's size or the sound it makes.

3 = Binding the case, articulation
Prepare the holes in the bottom of the case. The holes must be big enough to allow you pass a big needle and many thick threads many times. Cut the dead tyre, adjust it to the case, leave a little more length to it, you'll cut it after sewing with construction thread from the inside. Do the same with another piece of tyre, from the outside. Cut the extra length of tyre. Your case in binded.

4 = the elastic straps
Sew 2 rubber straps to close the case. I like it tight because i hate the idea to see my laptop getting out and crashing on the floor. Sew them unlocked (easier without tension).

5 = the outer bag, the protective clothes
Cut a large piece of felt, sew it with construction thread by the same previous holes. It can be too hard where there is too many layers of rubber (where the straps are passing in particular), try harder but don't damage the straps, they are fragile (narrow) and under continuous tension. I also found a bet with which i made the handle of the bag.

6 = the foam bed, the flesh
Make sure the first you piece of foam that is placed is the one at the bottom of the bag : when in use this part will be the more solicited. Adjust it to the case, adjust the foam to the computer size. Leave always slightly "not enough space" for the computer for it to be under pressure. I recommend to put a thin layer of foam between the computer screen and the keyboard, in case of major shock.

I have been using this case for 3 years now, i had some bike accidents, fell on it cycling, fight in the street with it a few times, many rainy days ... and the computer is the one I'm using right now to write this instructable, covered with crappy stickers but it works marvellously, my beloved Swiss knife. cesar



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    A friend of mine ordered me one, but in red and bright colors inside, CIRCUS ! I gave him a bag, and hegave me some Linux Ubuntu introduction ... DEAL !

    1 reply

    What a beauty! I love the style and the making of it. Great use of scrap materials! I also love the "cleaning-sponge-variation"

    1 reply

    Thanks a lot! Kind! you got cool instructables too! Robust cases and stuff! Good luck with your projects!

    I like it. It's good if you have say non appropriate stickers,decals and artwork on your laptops cover and going to some place like a library or sitting next to an old lady on the subway or church XD (jk) its not different in style compared to some decoupage covers :S
    It rocks

    1 reply

    I really love the way that looks! The texture and shape are great! I know you want it to look inexpensive, but I think if the straps were a bit more even they'd live up to how awesome the case is.

    ok, so who are you trying to trick ... i mean, all you did was a symbolic inversion. what i'm trying to say is, who do you think you're fooling besides yourself? or are the people who you consider 'ghetto', dumb? from my experience, your laptop bag is screaming 'i'm expensive'. camouflaging is an art and you have a long way to go, little boy,

    6 replies

    i have been bullied many times, and robbed a couple ... actually, my laptop was stolen in the main bus station in São Paulo, Brasil, last year. sincerely i think your concept is great, but the way you have materialized it is kind of odd ... esthetically it represents exactly the opposite of what it contains ... anyways, it has made me think about the 'ghetto' people you are around - i mean, it is possible that they don't see it the same way i do. ever since my laptop was stolen i take the time to camouflage my new one in a simple file folder everytime i have to carry it around. i don't mean to undertake you whole project, i just thik it is kind of ... 'cartoony'.

    This is the most counterproductive comment I've ever read from someone who doesn't have the creativity or common sense to have even created ONE instructable. I think the idea is pretty cool, however, I don't carry my laptop around. Very functional.

    hi Mariananega, I use a simple plastic folder for files like you when I'm walking, you are absolutely right, it's much better. My problem is I cycle everyday ... and sometimes also fall ... One rainy night a girl jumped out between two cars and I crashed into her leg, broke it as it bent backwards ... I flew over the girl and fell on my back on the computer case. After the ambulance came to pick her up i tested the computer and it was fine. About cultural differences i don't agree : when you are a kid "in the hood" it's all about being tested all the time, even if you are a part of it, even if you are strong, if you are a gang chief, there's always someone to put you on the test. If I have a knife, he has a gun ect ... Now I'm a quiet man, respectful, and careful. Je ne baisse pas ma garde.

    after your comment, i am honestly thinking this argument is about cultural differences ... i mean, if you live in the 'ghetto' and are not 'part of it' ... people will naturally know that you are not one of them, and bully you, and try to rob you ... no matter how camouflaged your laptop is ... i'm thinking maybe somethig else happened 'in the hood' which made you respectable.

    I guess I have a very long way to go. What i know is that i had experienced no trouble since using this case. So i'm not trying to fool anyone, but using it i can say the efficiency is proven. And by the way how many times did you get bullied ? How many did you get robbed ? How many times did you have to get into a fight for almost nothing ? Don't pretend i take ghetto people dumb, i cannot allow you say that ... Maybe you are too clever. Where are you from ?

    I think this is a really cool idea. It's three layers of protection. I especially like the box part.

    ok, so who are you trying to trick ... i mean, all you did was a symbolic inversion. what i'm trying to say is, who do you think you're fooling besides yourself? or are the people who you consider 'ghetto', dumb? from my experience, your laptop bag is screaming 'i'm expensive'. camouflaging is an art and you have a long way to go, little boy,

    Nowhere near the worst. There are many that are far worse. However, this could be greatly improved by assigning separate steps for each assembly section, as well as images of the different steps. It is an excellent idea, just not a well-constructed Instructable.

    Reminds me of laptop pizza boxes.[]

    1 reply