Laptop Cooler .


Introduction: Laptop Cooler .

laptop cooler out of a old scanner.

Step 1: Laptop Cooler

Step 2: Laptop Cooler

laptop cooler out of

Step 3: Laptop Scanner Cooler

home made cooler.



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    I am not going to criticize you on your project, because i have not posted one yet and don't know how it will be received yet. But at least it looks like you did one right thing. Hopefully you are not powering it from the USB port. People seem to think USB ports on laptops are there to be used for powering external devices. I disagree totayly, by powering an external device on the USB port you risk 1. the chance of burning out the port, and too you are creating more HEAT in the machine, therefore defeating the purpose of a cooling system

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    Those tiny fans probably draw around 20 milliamps or so. I use USB to power a space heater. The flames are magnificent.

    I cool mine using beer consumption and old age. The technical name is UC (urinary convection).

    Wow! Thanks, that's cool... But would you show us, how you made it?

    Well Thanks, that was a whole lot of No-Help_at_All!!! This isn't an instructable, it's a picture fest!

     I like the part where it isn't an instructable.

    I concur. Please be a bit (lot) more forthcoming with the info next time.

    This isn't an Instructable, it's a Showoffable. Sorry, but it's no use.

    not enough info here. I was thinking you would be showing how to cool your laptop with fiji water in a tray below the fans.

    i like the fan cooler but i really want to know how to make it and not what it looks like (not trying to be mean)

    This looks like a great project, but you don't have enough photos to make it into a full instructable, you can either try and get some more pictures, and add some more description, or make it into a slideshow, which is designed for showing off a finished project. Any questions, just ask.