Laser Controled Leds for Your Key Bord

Introduction: Laser Controled Leds for Your Key Bord

auto light up a array of LEDs with lasers. yeah
sorry for my bad engles i am dutch.

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Step 1: Parts List

you need
1. a laser
2. a laser resiever
i got myn from a friend
3. leds(my a from a logitech g15 v2)
4.10k potensio meter
5. 5 v power suply(atx or some thing like that)
6.soldering iron
9. screws
10. screw driver
11. 6x 150 ohm resistors
12. 6x leds(any color)
thats it

Step 2: First Step.

1. hang up the laser
2.and resiever
3. make the cirquit
4.hang up the leds

Step 3: Step Two.

the led cirquit.

Step 4: Step Tree

the whole cirquit
the program were i made this diagram didnt had a laser and resiver so i used a switch.

Step 5: Step 4

oke now you have a basic idea of the cirquit.

now to connect it up
first hook up the laser with 12v
now its a little bit harder
1. now connect the grey wire to the pot meter
2.and the green wire to the 5v
3.brown to 12v
4. white to -12v
5. connect the top pot meters pin to the leds
6.and the other end of the leds to the -5v youre done
if you now sit on your desk the leds auto light up
have funs

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