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Introduction: Laser Cut Easels

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I recently did a craft show and decided I wanted to change up my normal display since I'm doing more embroideries in hoops these days. I bought a 24x48 inch pegboard with the intention of displaying my work on it. :D

But how should I keep it standing and stable?

Insert laser cut easels! These easels are easy to make and modify.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

  • 1/4 inch plywood in 24x36 sheets
  • a laser cutter of some sort
  • the files (attached below)
I'm using a Metabeam laser for this, with the help of audreyobscura. YAY!

Step 2: Modify the Files and Cut!

Depending on your needs, you can make the easels and support bars much smaller. :D You can also change the size of the notch depending on the thickness of the item you'll be holding. Remember to keep the width of the support bar holes the width of your plywood.

I needed two easels to hold up a 24x48 inch piece of pegboard, so I went a little overboard.

Audrey went with 50% power and 90% speed, since the Metabeam is much more high powered than the Epilog lasers we have.

Below is a video of Audrey and me videoing the laser. Bask in the glorious sounds of giant mechs fighting one another:

Step 3: Set It Up!

Because the support bars are so long, the easel can be set up in a variety of ways. You can probably support a fairly large object with one of these. :D

Feel free to sand if you want! I passed on it because I was low on time and it would be hidden behind a pegboard anyway.

I'm happy to report these easels were super stable and kept my pegboard safe and sound all day!

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    very good idea! EPS format does not work for me because I have an earlier version of Illustrator. You can send in DXF format.?

    Thank You!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Once again ...I love this. I've been doing a lot of painting (oil painting) and wish I had one of these... I would only want to add one thing on the top part of it to ensure the canvas didn't fall off (my great fear when working on a painting)! :) I wish we had a tech shop nearby!