Laser Cut Leather Keychain


Introduction: Laser Cut Leather Keychain

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3 materials needed: leather scrap, vector-editing software (such as Illustrator or Inkscape), and a cutting device (like an exacto knife or laser cutter)
  • Leather is laser cuttable! It smells terrible right after it gets cut (kind of like the smell of burning flesh), but the smell dissipates after a few days.
  • I just finished another project that used a fair amount of leather. I wanted something to do with all of the leftover scrap pieces. This keychain is pretty small at ~2.25x1.5" and fits nicely on most keychains.
  • Leather can be difficult to get to lay flat, so I taped down the edges.
  • The laser cutter I use is color codable, so I cut the outside lines at 100% power, 10% speed, and the inside part is cut at 90% power, 100% speed.
  • It cut super fast for me in one pass and was finished cutting in under 2 minutes.
  • If you dye or carefully wash the leather after it is finished cutting, you can remove a lot of the burn marks too.

Illustrator file attached!



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