Laser Engraving Ipod With CO2 Laser




this shows how you can engrave an ipod with an individual laser engraving / etching.
you design your file on any PC or MAC program, then process this graphic to the laser and the result is a permanent mark on the ipod.

the CO2 laser engraves the anodized aluminum and vaporizes the color. so you get a very crisp result.

design is up the the individual taste...

takes only a couple of minutes.

was done on a troteclaser, model called SP300.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What's the wattage on that laser? What power setting did you use to etch into the anodized casing? how deep is the etching? What application did you use to create the artwork?

    Just a two minute video of the laser engraving something. You showed no settings, offered no advice.

    I would love some clarification on the steps, please! :)

    2 replies

    Hi oldhamedia,

    Thank you for your comments.
    For full operation of such a laser you will need to get a training, which is often part of the sale, when you purchase such laser.
    Also there is a manual with all setting explained for rostering, power, speed and other related functions.
    Once you have done your first 30-50 jobs, it is almost as simple as printer.

    The graphic software for such job can be different - from Corel Draw to Photoshop, some even use Microsoft word to laser some text with logo.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My friend got her ipod stolen; the thief scratched out her name and put in their own and the school let them get away with it. I'd like to see them get away with stealing this!

    Purple Guy

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I do hope that was not a full can of a certain cola drink resting on/near various electrical appliances....

    1 reply

    I'm not sure what type of laser my school has but we have a Laser Engraver that creates Radiation. From what I see you don't have a protective cover?