Laser Etching on Fabric




Introduction: Laser Etching on Fabric

I spent a quick 4 hours at the TechShop playing around with different materials learning about them and the settings that are preferred. I decided I wanted to see what happened with fabric.

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Step 1:

SInce the laser cutters at the TechShop are made by epilog I have been browsing their site and found a free design for fabric. It was to make a pillow, but I sized it smaller because it was just a test for learning.

Step 2:

along with the design they give suggested settings which I put in. I placed a piece of upholstery fabric underneath the upholstery fabric I was etching as a safe guard and also because the laser is so heavily used by so many with such different materials it is always a good idea.
I ran a test and then let the machine do its thing. 

Step 3:

The end result looks good. (the fabric is actually a nice shade of green - don't know why this looks so grey) However, it has a very rough feel where it has been etched - removing the plush to reveal harsher weave. It is not something I would want to cuddle up with. At the site they recommend microfiber or velvet - so I will have to try those out the next time I am at the TechShop My wife says if I ever make the granddaughters a doll house we could use this for a rug.  

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    4 years ago

    Try taking an opposite approach...... Most dark colors bleach when lasered..... I have had really good luck with denim (although that might not be soft enough) I think cotton works quite well. Might I suggest you check out:


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I am really excited to try this one. Its one of the most interesting uses I've seen for a laser etcher