Laser Line Gradient

Intro: Laser Line Gradient

material needed; wood cut to fit laser, flash drive, laser, computer, techshop

 1) material

2) flash drive

3) design line image

4)save file to flash drive

5) place material in laser and focus the machine

6) set laser print preferences

7) push green go button to print job

8) laser runs

9) view material

10) remove from laser

this project was made at Techshop Detroit , by an employee of Techshop Detroit.



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    2 years ago

    The finished product as a first picture would have helped with your title. Plus, a little explanation about what this would be useful for would have helped, too. Then a step-by-step would have been good - to describe what each part is, as well as what it's used for. Were the lines made by passing through several times or were they from a different focus of the laser?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    What do you use this laser line gradient for?