Laundry Savers

Introduction: Laundry Savers

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Who likes going to the laundry mat anyways? If loading a laundry basket full of dirty clothes into a vehicle isnt bad enough you have to lug one big bottle of laundry detergent and one big bottle of fabric softener also.Heres a cool way to minimize your troubles.

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Step 1: The Old Way

This is what it used to look like going to the laundry mat.

Step 2: Puchasing Drink Bottles

The first step is to purchase two cheap dollar general water bottles that are different colors for easy identifying that have a strong flip open cap.

Step 3: Filling Properly

step (1) fill the cap with softener and pour it into the bottle.

step(2) mark a line where the softener fills the bottle

step (3) repeat until the bottle is full

step(4) repeat steps the same way for the detergent bottle

Step 4: Finished

And your finished . A much lighter laundry basket

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    5 years ago

    Good idea, but make sure you clearly label the containers so that no one accidentally imbibes some Tide. Especially do this if there are young children around!