Lazy Ice Coffee

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Intro: Lazy Ice Coffee

ever wanted  a homemade ice coffee without the bother of brewing coffee or boiling the kettle for instant?
here's something i mixed up, it doesn't taste exactly like iced coffee but adjust the amounts and it will improve!

you will need
a cup of milk
two scoops vanilla ice ream (chocolate for mocha)
optional-sugar to sweeten
a few drops of coffee essence

add all ingredients in a glass, mix and enjoy!!!!!! :)



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I still use instant doesn't "need" boiling water, at least, not the kind I get. It takes a little stirring, but it dissolves in cold water about as easily as sugar does :-)

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    haha, ok
    yeah i wrote this during a time when i couldn't drink coffee and didn't have de-caf
    thanks for posting Goodhart :D

    Well, not that sugar dissoves well in cold water :-D I occassionally, when I need a quick fix for a headache, sprinkle some (instant) on either chocolate or coffee ice cream......but that is more for us "hard core" coffee drinkers LOL

    hahaha, coffee, i can't live with it, can't live without it
    i've found a nice ice-cream is to melt a teaspoon of instant coffee in a small amount of water then mix it through chocolate or vanilla ice cream- instant mocha or coffee ice-cream :D