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hi my name is James, i have been working on leather for a while and thought since there isnt much of leather crafts up i thought i'd add some up. this here is a leather coaster i made and will be showing you how to make. this project is pretty cheap and can be a great gift for anyone. on this coaster i decided to use a wood plank design many other designs my be made and used for this project.
list of things needed for this project:
1x leather circle
1x swivel knife - a bit optional but it yields better results
1x ball and spoon modeling tool
1x craft sponge- not one u clean ur dishes with
paper towels
1X ruler or steel square ruler
leather dyes- sort of optional depends on look that you want
leather super sheen
winged divider - optional but again really makes it a easier project
wood slicker- option but sells the project


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Step 1: Leather Choice

in order to crave, cut, mold, or do anything with leather u must have a general idea ready. now i had the idea to make a leather coaster and make a wooden pattern.

now for the first step choose your piece to work on and inspect for problems such as unwanted dents and or discoloration.

Step 2: Damping

before starting the tooling or designing on the leather it must be damp. depending on where u life can vary how much moister is need for the leather. the general rule is get the leather wet but not soggy, it should star to bend in your hand but not to much. now get sponge and run it all over the leather and get it nice and wet then wait 2 or 3 minutes for it to start changing back to its original color before moving on to the next step.

things need for this step:
leather piece
a craft sponge

Step 3: Drawing the Lines

i take my straight edge steel square and draw out two lines the distance i want from each other (width of the planks) then i take a winged divider and adjust it to that size and made marks in order to have equal spacing. after drawing the straight lines go back with your ball point on the modeling tool and draw random vertical lines connecting the horizontal lines, use the square to keep them as straight as u can.

things you will need for this step:
winged divder
modeling tool
steel square or ruler
and a steady hand

Step 4: Cutting the Lines

this step has two ways to go:
option A: get the spoon part of your modeling tool and really work it into the lines.

option B: use a swivel kinfe to cut the lines by slowly tracing them

for me option B yields the better results but the modeling tool is okay if u cant get the swivel knife. make sure to work in a well lite area.

things needed for this step:
steady hand
modeling tool
swivel knife

Step 5: Pattern Part One

now after using the swivel knife or modeling tool to cut the lines your going to want to add the wood grain pattern. this pattern is easy.
take the spoon side of or modeling tool and by using the tip with different pressures, stroke lengths, and other things you can create beautiful wood grain. 

hint: go horizontal with the lines and be-careful about going to far and on to another plank.

things need for this steep:
modeling tool

Step 6: Pattern Part Two

this is just the same as the last step but instead of the modeling tool i used the swivel knife with the modeling tool and is what i suggest you do.

hint: don't press to deep like the dividing cuts just enough to make a nice mark

Step 7: Edging

this is an optional step really but it helps add a bit more professionalism. to do the edges u should use a wood slicker, first damp the edge a tiny bit and then take the leather and rub the edge on the groves of the wood

Step 8: Nail Detail (option)

first use the wing divider to make to points in the leather for ur nails then with the ball point of your modeling tool press it in to the holes.

Step 9: Super Shen Finish (optional Ending)

if u dont want or have dyes for the leather you may want to just coat in super sheen in order to protect your coaster from moister.

Step 10: Finishing With Dyes

apply the dye to the sponge then rub in if there is a lot  left on the surface wipe it off with paper towels. for added affect put black dye in the nail holes. now let the dye seep in and settle then apply a liberal coat of of super sheen to seal it all up

Step 11: AND DONE

done warp it up or make more and give them to guest or what ever

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btw anyone who needs help or has questions message me i usually get a message off quickly but remember to follow more things like this will be coming up


2 years ago

What oz leather do you use for the coasters ⁉️

1 reply

These are usual 4-5 oz leather, but I usual use pre-cut coaster blanks that you can get from the craft store, Tandy, or other online leather retailers. The reason I use the pre-cut coasters is that one its way better then I can cut by hand and two it saves time.


5 years ago

made it thank you soooo much i was looking for new ideas


coaster is looking cool beans and as for rocksusing the spoon end of a modeling tool to make edges and pear shade with it is the way id go

now for the hair im posting a tut up for making a mustache and i do a part on how to get hair :3 so cheak it out itll be done and out in now less then an hour :D

Yayy tandy is the best leather store and theres going to be a huge sale i heard after xmas! I want to make a purse and a top hat someday but now ill stick to the basics=)

9 replies

yeah i agree :3 i mean ebay has some good deals to here and there but i love walking into there store lol the one i went to just got a huge shipment yet there not un packing it there hoarding it lol but i got the gold membership and it saves a lot of cash

yeah for some reason there leather stuff is almost always 30 to 50% off but i go to tandy still there stuff is almost always better quality :3 btw i sell stuff like this

etsy but i dont have anything up quite yet since i kinda low on leather but i have a facebook page for my shopp and im using that for orders right now https://www.facebook.com/pages/Connors-leather-shop/281063411943731 so if u want to order u can come here and then bam ill make an order of whatevers lol i make a lot of stuff