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Introduction: Led Flashlight

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hello if your like me then you probably have quite a few flashlights but most likely you don't have a one of a kind light you made . I'm gonna show you one of my designs on a completely unique led light (it was not as pretty as I originally envisioned) it looks like a hack job I know but it's my hack job

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Step 1: Materials

you will need an empty crazy glue tube , a 3v battery a 3v led a switch (I got mine from a broken hair dryer ) wire ( also from the hair dryer )

Step 2: Tools

wire strippers ,wire cutters , a dremel and accessories, solder pen&solder and electrical tape

Step 3: Ok First Make Sure Your LED Fits the Cap

Step 4: Drill Hole for the LED

using the drill bit on the dremel drill a hole then switch to a sanding bit and smooth the whole then check if the bulb can completely shine through

Step 5: The Circuit &soldering

ok here is a wiring diagram of how to solder and connect the wires so this light will work also IMPORTANT drill hole in tube and put wires through before soldering

Step 6: Wrapping Up Literally

ok once you have soldered put the cap over the led u may need to hot glue the bulb in the cap tape the switch and battery on the out side of the tube and be sure to cover all connections as shock may occur if u touch a bare wire

Step 7: Check the Functionality

I tested this in a completely dark room where I built it keep in mind though its only a 30 lumen led so its not super bright and I don't have a funnel shaped reflector to point the beem so it seems dim

Step 8: Here Is My Original Design

this is my original design it looks more appealing and was built the same way only with an old mag lite reflector and in a bigger tube and also I like that people can see what makes it work because its transparent

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    You got an email address? Got a project I would like to put together but don't have much experience in electricity/LEDs. Thanks


    Reply 5 years ago

    https://www.instructables.com/member/jjeffery1/ yes I have an email address its jim2468@outlook.com but I would prefer to text over kik my kik is jrupps4774 I'll be happy to hear your idea I'm always looking for cool projects to do thanks


    5 years ago

    thanks man and yea crazy glue and tape and the possibilities are endless


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It's official: you can use Krazy glue to make anything. Cool project.