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A 5 minute project that reminds one of a LED throwie, just you hold it instead of throwing it. (I guess you call it a LED Holdie)

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Step 1: Supplies

nail or screw
Red Led
Watch Battery

Step 2: Prepare Glustick

first cut your glue stick in half. (you can heat your knife but I never do).
Now, holding your nail with your pliers (safety first) hold it in the flame of the lighter till it's good and hot. Stick the hot nail into one side of the glue stick and kind of circle it. (your trying to make a hole that will fit the LED).

Step 3: Put in the LED

reheat the screw and melt some of the glue in hole and push the LED in as far as it will go.

Now you are done. Continue to next step if you don't understand how to use it.

Step 4: How to Use

take the battery and put it between the LED leads and press together to create a connection. If it doesn't work then try switching the direction of the battery or getting a new battery.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very good idea. You could try taking a normal glow- stick, removing the liquid, replace it with water or light syrup, then cap it off with a 10mm LED. 4 stars for the Idea. 3 Stars for pics. Overall.... 3.5 stars. Good job. ry25920


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Seems to work quite well in the dark! Did you finish this off by mounting the battery in anyway? L

    2 replies

    All I do is hold the battery tight against the LED leads, by not taping I can remove the battery easily when I am done.