Led Uv Gas Mask

Introduction: Led Uv Gas Mask

I started with the typical $5 Chinese gas mask you can find online like ebay or amazon and pretty much all the steampunk / cyber goth/ cyber punk type gas masks are made from these then resold for $30 - $200.

the first thing i did was remove the stock filters and trace them onto a piece of disposable grill liner, then cut out 2 circles of mesh with a pair of wire cutters. once i made sure they were the right size i glued them inside of the caps/ lid to the mask with some gorrilla glue, the foam helped keep it in, just make sure you don't use to much or it get into the mesh and makes it look all messy. once that was done i went about making the led circuits  i used 2 cr 2032 batterys + clips, 3 black light uv leds, 1 large blue led a double pull double throw switch with a center off position then i used some per circuit board.  i also used uv paint on the grills of the mask, some red paint on the center vent hole to paint the molded in cross, then a handful of spikes and small accent pieces.

i made this for under $20 counting all the electronic components paint spikes and mask



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    in the harder plastic i used a power drill/ a dremal with a drill bit, for the rubbery part (the main mask) i heated up a piece of metal and pierced threw it. just used what you've got

    gas mask


    heh, yeah when i was running a vender table at a rave a few months back i was dreaming up this mask and getting feed back from others

    thank you, this one im really proud of, most of my coworkers think im nuts, the other half want me to turn it into a bong

    It's a good job. Would be cool to make it a bong, and put some little smoke sensor in it, and wire it up to glow brighter when you take a hit.

    LOL well you kinda can't the one way valves only let air in where the 2 filters are and out in the center where the red cross is, i could maybe do it, hell if your paying lol/

    also the smoke sensor would not work well but maybe put a small air flo gauge in in so when you blow out it would light up

    also i dont smoke not really interested but if people pay me i'll make w/e you want

    no, all the filters have been removed, and i had to remove one of the 1 way air valves so it was much easy to breath with, also the filters make it so much harder to breath. i am going to show some inside shots of the electronics when i get a chance