Left Eye Video Head Set




i made this 2 years ago it works well but the power supply / video converter was to big . 
i used it to watch my computer ,video games , movies , mini cam and watch the video that was on the old camera that it came from .

i made it by taking off the eyepiece off my old broken camera then testing it to see if it would work with 4 wires and it dos so i used a old mac external cd drive as the housing for the cameras circuit Bord  tape player  power supply on off switch video out using a phone jack and common video audio  in puts red wight yellow this part im calling the video converter box

as you can see i made the video head set out of a new $4 head set i took off the mic boom and used a pen with some copper wire in it attached to the lcd eyepiece and the head set then i have a phone cable coming from the eye piece to go to the video converter box and then i hook up the head phones from the head set and your in set to hook up a video signal like an xbox 

any way have fun keep tinkering  

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    This isn't an Instructable, it's just a picture of something you made.
    Most of the authors on here make some effort to document their work for others to follow.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    certainly appears to be a camcorder eyepiece, mounted on the microphone boom of a pair of headphones, wired to accept video/audio input from some other source.

    Similar to https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Nightvision-Headset-Hack/?ALLSTEPS but minus the nightvision.