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Introduction: Lego Clash of Clans Lv9 Town Hall!

Hi every one! well this is my first instructable so if any one has any advice it will be appreciated! Any way, this is my town hall lv9 from clash of clans. I'll be entering this into the toy building contest. Here is the instructions down below. v v v v v v v v v P.S. check out my other Lego clash of clans instructables! THANKS!

Step 1: Building the Base

  • Ok so your going to start off with your base. Now it is important to remember that the way i built the town hall is not the only way to build it. Feel free to use other pieces to improvise. So first put down your draw bridge and build off of that. The walls that will have the windows will be 2 bricks high and the back dark grey wall will be 3 bricks high. Now the pillars on the side are going to be a 1x2 round plate,1x2 round brick,1x2 round plate, 1x2 round dome all being dark grey. The front pillars are going to be 3 bricks high a long with the 1x2 black bricks and the 1x1 light grey bricks. Then add the 1x2 tile corner for the windows. The 4th picture shows most of what im talking about.

Step 2: Finishing the Drawbridge and the Base

This is just the in between connections from the roof to the lower walls. first add a 2x14 light grey plate to each side of the base. I find using a 2x6 plate + 2x8 plate instead. Then put together the drawbridge gate, if you don't have 2 gold chains then you can order them from ebay or just use two grey. Then just add black plates to fill in the gap. Remember to leave a hole in between the drawbridge gate and the black roof base.

Step 3: The Roof

On to the roof! First add the roof tiles on that light grey edge leaving a two stud space in the front behind the gate. then add the 2x3 slop to start the front of the roof. Now build what's in picture 4 and add that behind the gate. Finally add two plates in the back making shure that the plate and the roof tiles are flush. then add the 2 2x3 slopes to the back of the roof and a 2x6 black brick in between. Then add the 1x10 light grey bricks and the 1x8 light grey bricks to start the base of the 2ed floor.

Step 4: The 2ed Floor

Ok so add 4 1x8 light grey bricks building off of the 2ed story base. Make shure to leave the corners open for supports. Next add the supports in picture 2, you will need 4 of them. put them in each corner and add 2x6 or 2x8 to the bottom front (click on 4th pick to see what i mean) and add 4 dishwasher/compartment/gonk droid body to the front to add the windows. Add a 2x8 light grey plate to the window/gonk droid bodies to attach the roof. Then finally add 4 1x8 flat plates in between the supports to finish this step.

Step 5: The Roof

So now we need a 10x10 black plate for the roof or just some 10xsomethings to build that plate. Then put on 2 1x8 light grey plates and 2 1x8 plates to make the top roof border. Add the 3 1x6 light grey bricks for the walls of the 2ed story. Add some black smooth plates to fill in the roof leaving a 3x3 hole in the top right corner. Then add the bumps for the castle border and we are done!!! o wait there's that tower..... ok we must pull through this... like a barbarian! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Step 6: The Tower and the Skull

Ok my claners we are almost done with are town hall. First gather all your pieces. Now grab your giant 4x4 round wheels and stack them on top of your black 4x4 plate. then add the 4 roof tiles. clip the revers 2x3 slope to the bottom and add it to your town hall! Now for the hardest part... we need to get a skull. you could get this from the black market, that weird uncle of yours, or just from the next skeleton that blows up at your walls. Anyway, once you have your skull put it on a 1x2 black plate that has the stud in the middle and stick that on your town hall and we are done!!!!!

Step 7:

Thanks every one so much! ill be posting more instructables in a few days! (builders hut and dark elixir pump! ) ill try to take request and keep up the builds! plz vote thanks so much agen!!!



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    dude you've given me an idea! I'll post in a few days how to make a gold storage lv 6 , army camp lv 5 and wall lv 4. if any of you plan to build the ones that woogs made add mine so that you can have your own real base!

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    Cool! I would love to see them! I'll try building a canon and morta. I'll make shure to look into them!

    dude awesome! hey could you please make a cannon lv 10 and mortar lv 10!? please !

    Gotta Love COC!

    Thanks so much guys! I'll be posting more! I just got back from vacation so a builders hut, dark drill, and archer tower will ba added! Thanks agen! Keep voting!

    This is great! It would be even better if we could see the step by step build photos if we don't have the software to open a .lxf file :)

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    How do u build???