Lego Compatible Transformers Heads

Introduction: Lego Compatible Transformers Heads

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heres a nifty trick to make heads that fit on your lego creations,
great for people who have made awesome lego transformers that lack the final touch.

Step 1: What You Need

super glue

broken transformers that still have heads ( or lollipop holders, pez etc that are heads) i found beast wars megatron and prime in a dusty cellar in house i was renovating. couldnt throw them away and now found a use for them

pliers or sharp blade to remove unwanted pegs etc

lego pieces to mount on, preferably spinning flat pieces to give rotation of kneck

Step 2: Decapitation

first remove the bodies and discard for other projects

Step 3: Glue

now we trim of unwanted parts so the head fis on the brick
apply glue to brick or head. if using moving parts unnattach first before gluing.
then leave to sit

Step 4: Experimentation

here we see some random creations

megatron head on megablocks halo (evas last stand) warthog robot

quick facsimile of a prime bust thrown together from lego

kre-o optimus prime body with heads tested

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