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Introduction: Lego Gun

About: My name is Brandin Lloyd Farris and i love legos and knex. I like to play 1 adult card game and that is 13. I have 2 friends but i won't be abe to see them ever again when i leave for Washington State. :(

this is my lego gun. it shoots kin of far. hope u like it. XD

Step 1: The Body

Step 2: Adding Parts

Step 3:



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    Why don't you make step by step instructions of how to make it?

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    I have finished the K'nex gun if you want to make it click on my name and click the knex gun, it has full instructions.

    I an sorry, i added the wrong pictures at the wrong time. I will make a new tutorial on how to make a knex rubber band gund that works full time and works almost perfectly

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