Introduction: Lemonmallow

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Step 1: Ingredients

you will need a lemon, a cheese grater, sugar & jet puffed "stackermallows" so lets go 4 it!

Step 2: Zesting

you will need 2 zest the lemon so lay or hold the grater over a plate. now rub the lemon up and down very hard on the grater. if zest gets stuck in the grater, tap the top lightly careful not 2 cut yourself. WARNING GRATER IS SHARP!!!!

Step 3: Mix It Up

u will need 2 mix about a spoon full of sugar into the lemon zest. stir lightly for 1 min then gently pat it down.

Step 4: Refrigerate It

make sure u have time it will need 2 sit for 24 hours so... the next day take it out and stir it.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

sprinckle a little zest on top of top of the marshmallow. enjoy!! yum yum

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