Light Extension - Use for a Blown Bulb

Introduction: Light Extension - Use for a Blown Bulb

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Hiya - the wife wanted an extension to bring one of the main lights in the house lower to her work station to help with painting and scribe work.

I have had an old blown bulb knocking around in a draw for ages just waiting to be used and exploited.

This item was produced for functionality but could be made more pleasing to the eye with the purchase of some white cable for a couple of quid/dollars.

I am going to shorten the cable when she finds the right height for working in comfort - unlessss!!! you guys can come up with a cool way to store the extra cable out of site or tidily.

Step 1: Materials

Check out the picture - but really ya could use anything to hand - heck half of this is trash or odd bits I had lying around, the only parts that are important - the back of the extension where the wires are soldered
                                 - the back of the bulb zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttt - not good.

Step 2: Tools

Just like it says - only thing I have not shown is the soldering iron - oh! and a tape measure or something to hold the cable while soldering up and tinning or something to give ya a third hand.

Step 3: Ok

So - I dug out my old light bulb end, a length of scrap PVC pipe, some cable found in the trash by pure chance and some two part ceramic type putty/filler.

Soldered the cable to the fitting and slid the pipe down the cable till it touched the back of the bulb fitting , used a second piece of tube (split down one side) to hold both parts together and firm, then filled in the whole of the tube with filler, thus ensuring that the wires were totally secure and when clicking into the light socket nothing sheared off putting me in danger - or the wife. 

Step 4: Then

Wrapped the bare ends of the cable around the lugs on the new bulb popping a dab of solder to secure -" must shorten that cable without it's sleeve sometime - - sorry I digress". 

Step 5: Moving On

Took two pieces of PVC pipe of the same length, slit down one side and put one on over the end of the back of the bulb and then the second over the first to make a tapered cover for the exposed wires.

There was still too much of a gap around the cable for my liking so I dug out some bits of old bike inner tube, cut a couple of strips and rolled them, pushed them into the back of the fitting to make a snug fit - there is no point making this fitting so solid as your gonna need a new bulb sometime and have to change it somehow.

TAKE CARE - the bulbs used here are LEDs not halogen (they would melt plastic and probably your brain if too close to ya head) :-(

Job done - happy wife.

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