Light Up Jacks Night.

Introduction: Light Up Jacks Night.

About: Woods Custom Stainless is a small single person custom metal art business located in San Diego CA.

 jack skellington (micky mouse) ears that will light up your night.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

 you can either go to disneyland and get some if you live close enough, i do. or you can order them online for about $12. the hats differ for the holidays so you wont be able to get the one i have until halloween. sorry.
next you gotta get LEDs. i ordered mine online, 500 for $10 plus shipping was $10. thats a pretty good deal. the ones i got are not online anymore. sorry bout that one too. i don't know much about LEDsbut i just ordered some super bright ones. 
a soldering iron
some solder
and a resistor i used a 220 ohm resistor for mine but your LEDs will probably be different cause i suck!
a 9v battery and connector 
dental floss case
some wire
heat shrink
a drill or knife or whatever you want to use to put holes in the ears and hat.
some glue. i used JB QUICK.
and finally a riveter and a rivet or velcro or anything else you wanna use to hold the battery case on the hat.

Step 2: Cut Holes

 put holes in the middle of the ears just a bit bigger than the LED your going to use. i used a drill to get it as exact as possible.

Step 3: Wire and Solder

 put a piece of wire about 9 inches long through the existing rivet holes that hold on the ears, place heat shrink over each end and solder the LEDs in series. next solder 1 resistor to one of the LEDs and finally solder the 9v battery connector on. 

Step 4: Add the Battery Pack

 i used a dental floss holder because i didn't have an actual battery pack for a 9v. i cut a little slot in the side so i could close the lid while the wires are in it. i used a rivet to hold it on there. really easy. just cut a hole big enough for the rivet in the hat and on the back of the floss container but off to the side so the battery fits in and rivet it on. or you can probably use hot glue but that wont last as long. maybe velcro or something.

Step 5: Glue

 add you're JB weld or super glue or rubber cement or hot glue or whatever you want to use to the back of the LEDs to hold them in place.

Step 6: Go Have Fun

 i used mine for my halloween costume. :D it lights up the entire block!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is pretty cute. Maybe the ears could be big parabolic reflectors for huge "head lights" :P


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Half supprised they don't come with the lights in em to start with