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Introduction: Light Up Your Helmet!!!

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To add a new light when you ride a motorbike is a plus for your safety. So...I had a small light decorative for my motorbike. Was gained some years ago before the LED attack. It had a small 12V DC lamp. I never used it and burried throuhgt the years. Recently I find it and after checkin that is works i decided to use it but replacing the 12V lamp with a bright red led of 1,7V. The replacement was really easy. After i decided to light it up using a cell battery of 3,6V i didn't add any resistor. Then I decided to place it on the top on my helmet. So for doing this we need some tools....

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Some Wire (a pair) about 30cm long and another pair about 10cm for the battery
A small switch capable to fit on the light
a LED 1,7-2,2 V bright Red
Some heat Srink tube about 20cm
a cellular phone battery pack above 3V
a plastic case for the battery made from any plastic or from old cell battery
some solder
a lighter fot shrinking the cable tubes
and a helmet....
a small lamina about 5cm made of copper


wire cutter
hot glue pistol
soldering iron
a drill of 2.5" for metalls
a drill gun

Step 2: How We Do It

Step 1# Replace the common 12V DC lamp with the red led. This part acctualy no need any comment. First of all all new generation light decoratives using LEDs. For us we are some years old its time to replace all uselles old 12V lamps with LEDs.

Step 2# We need to add a tiny switch so we need a small circuit for that....its very simle. Cut the positive wire and connect  it to one end of the switch and the other cutted end to the other end of the switch.

Step3# We glue with hot glue the switch to the body of the light. We leave about 20cm cable to fit in the helmet

Step 4# We drill the helmet to make a small hall of 2,5mm diameter. We need the 2,5 drill with the drillgun. The point we drill the helmet is in the half of helmet and we leave space for the glass of the helmet to move at the top.

Step5# We clean the hall and we pass the cables through the hall. we can do it by helping of a wire.

Step 6# We prepare the battery pack. We solder the other small wire pair to the plastic case witll host the battery. The purpose is to remove easilly the battery for recharging. to do so we need the small copper lamina. We bend the two pieces of lamina of 5 or 3 cm so the battery will easilly attach to them...Something like the original pins of the cellphone. We glue the bended copper with hot glue.

Step7# We solder the main wires coming from the light with the small wire comning from the battery. we use the shrink tube to avoid any shot circuit.

Step8# with hot glue we glue the light  tight on the helmet

Step9# to hide the cables and the battery we rip the internal of the helmt about 3cmX5cm. That's enough and can hold the battery
and the cables.

After all we have the final result. The future helmet. Thanks for watching.......

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hola, realmente creo que no es recomendable hacer un agujero en el casco. Debilita la fuerza estructural del casco y deja de cumplir la funcion de proteger la cabeza contra golpes. Quizás se puede acomodar la luz en la parte trasera, para que solo se vea desde atras, y no se tenga que hacer un agujero.

    Hi, I strongly recommend not to make a hole in the helmet. It weakens the structural strength of the helmet, and it stops working protecting your head. Maybe, the red light could be repositioned in the back of the healmet, so its not viewed from the front, and the hole will not be needed.

    (sorry for my poor english)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i don't believe a tiny hole of 0,2mm will damage helmets strenth....Anyway i ride a custom bike and i dont run over the 80km.....and iwill tell you a secret i am 43 and i used to ride motorcycles since be i had in the past accidents (and the helmet always on myhead) never helpd me in something.....and i had about 5-7 very serious accidents (thank god nothing serieus happened)

    Helmet is really necessery for those who ride very fast.....

    magic eye
    magic eye

    8 years ago on Introduction

    flashing helmet... i dont ride bike but for those they do this is cool! Provides safety as a flashig light, gives an idea of spacy helmet....


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanx!...a detail...isn't flashing but regular one....