Lightbulb Funk-up!




want to turn a "dead" lightbulb into a neighborhood dazzler? i have finally invented ... the lightbulb sand flower ball!!!


Step 1: Intro 2

i came up with this idea ... randomly! its funky, fresh, and environmentally safe! lets go!

Step 2: Toooolzz...

1 sock
1 light bulb
1 pair of needle nosed plyers
1 knife (dont cut youreself!)
1/4 cup'o salt
sum tin foil...
a lot of sand, sugar, or salt
1 pot
1 fake flower
food coloring, fruits, or shirt(s).

Step 3: Deplatement!

remove the little thin thingy (shown below) by gettin the knife under 1 end and usin those plyers to pull it off (make sure the bulb is in the sock at all times!!!)

Step 4: Chisel Time

use the screw driver to chisel off the coneish- shaped black stuff on the end of the bulb (be patient, it will come off...).

Step 5: Powderin Up!

carefully use the chisel to crush up the glass and wires inside it, not the shell! empty them out.

Step 6: Cleanin, Sorta

put about 2 tbsp of salt in it and swirl the bulb around untill it is clear. empty.

Step 7: Makin Some Sticky Sand!

put some sand or salt/sugar in a pot of boiling water with food coloring or fruit skin and let it soak up the color.

Step 8: "funk" Effect and Drying

after boiled, drain of all the water and peels. empty the sand, ect. onto a plate and spread out. if followed correctly, it should look as is below. after wards, allow to dry for 45 min, occationally adding salt.

Step 9: Bottling Your Funk!

layer your colors inside the bulb in a funky way! i chose yellow and white, metro...!

Step 10: Funky ,freaky, and Finished!

simply put some tin foil on the tip and put in your flower or flowers!!!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    BTW, I love the idea of using a swirl of salt in the bulb to clean it out. I had been washing them out with soap and water and have to be careful slippery-wise and have to wait for it to dry. My new (quick) cleaning method. Thank you!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Got a question. You state "put some sand or salt/sugar in a pot of boiling water...". Sorry but the salt/sugar is going to dissolve into the water, not stay solid, like the sand. You'll end up with colored water, in which case you could just jump to putting food coloring straight into water, without the salt/sugar, or boiling.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great idea!. You could enhance it a little by .putting a battery operted LED uplight in a wood base and make the bulb glow.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be a fun idea as a drip candle holder. (c;


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Funny, first thing I saw was "neighborhood dazzler" and then "lightbulb sand flower ball" only i misinterpreted the emphasis in the second phrase and got a mental image of tossing lightbulbs full of colored sand into the middle of the street to make big "sand flower" shapes. ooh, i like that idea now. i totally dig this though


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much for the feedback, it is quite relieving to hear that someone recognizes that we can reuse and rebuild... anyway, send me ideas, none will be left out! stay green and build clean!