Lighted Camping Popcorn Maker - From Aluminum Crutch

Introduction: Lighted Camping Popcorn Maker - From Aluminum Crutch

great way to Recycle those old crutches - most can be found at scrap yard if you can't dig one up from a friend

parts list:
crutch- aluminum
pot or dutch oven - aluminum is lightest  with cover that fits snug
stainless hardware
solar powered spot light 

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Step 1: Construction

the idea here is to mount the pan to the crutch - this is done by first cutting crutch right below handle using tubing cutter for clean look or hack saw - be sure to file edges 

next is to bend the tubing - this can be done with EMT bender electricians use or else a larger diameter pipe slid over crutch tubing to add leverage 

widen tubes slowly each side a little at a time until they match the pan you are attaching to - then drill holes through pan and crutch tubes and use stainless hardware and counter sink holes inside pan 

last step is to attach solar light by cutting off stake portion then drill and tap plastic 10/32 if possible or fashion some sort of solid bracket to hold light securely

add oil and corn then enjoy - good luck

Scott A  

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