Lighting Up Shrek

Introduction: Lighting Up Shrek

Today we will be making a interactive light up Shrek with home made play dough and two LED lights.

Step 1: Creating the Dough

Conductive dough recipe

Insulating dough

Make a batch of both of these doughs and store them in plastic bags then put in the fridge until they are cooled down.

"The recipe is not made by us."

Step 2: Creating the Componets With the Dough

  1. You will now be making a flat disc with the non-conductive dough then cutting it apart where the eyes will be.
  2. You now need to make two eye balls with the non conductive dough.
  3. Create a wire with the conductive dough that will fit inside the slit of the eyes
  4. Put two cuts of the insulating dough in where the eyes will be. (make sure the conductive dough does not touch.)
  5. put the lights within the eyes and make one prong on each side of the dough.
  6. add the electricity to each side of the dough then turn it on.

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