Little Octupus Stuffie Instructions

Introduction: Little Octupus Stuffie Instructions

 little octupus stuffie instructions

I can tell you it's pretty easy first get a boncey ball or a crumpled up peice of news paper and then get some yarn mesured about enough to cover it and cut 36 strands of it or more if you need to and then tie a not in the middle and then cover your news paper or boncey ball withe the yarn and tie a not at the on it's neck (by the way the bow tie on was just my idea) enyways then divide the bottem strands 8 with 3 stands or more or less it depends how much strands you have at the bottem and braid all the goups of 3 or more or less and then tie the bottems off the strands and now heres the easy part you'll need a gluegun some pom poms and glue it were you want it's eyes and get a different colour of yarn and gut a little peice and glue it as his mouth and if you prefere the hat and the bow tie you will need a button the pom poms just glue them on the button and the bow tie you just tie it around his neck but it's a shoe lase tie

show me a picture of yours when it's done if your doing it.

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