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Introduction: LittleBits Flashlight

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I've recently bought two littleBits modules. The battery connection (blue), and the bright light module (green).

I was staring at them until I came up with this contraption. So, if you`re short on bits then this the "able" for you.

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Step 1: Materials

•littleBits (power module)
•littleBits (bright light module)
•cardboard tube
•assorted rubber bands
•Saran wrap
•battery pack (5v.)

Step 2: The Body

Take your cardboard tube and cut out a rectangle to fit your littleBits inside.

Step 3: Use Your Bits

Connect the littleBits and slide them into the space you cut out of the cardboard tube.

Step 4: Saran Wrap

Place your Saran wrap over your bright light module and rubberband it around the tube.

Step 5: Battery Pack

Place the battery pack on the cardboard tube and then rubberband them together.

Step 6: Finished!

Flip the switch on the battery pack and the power module and you're ready to go!

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    What an awesome little flashlight. Good job on figuring and well done explaining your process. Thanks for sharing!