Living Flower Pen




How about a pen that is also a vase for a fresh flower?!

Step 1: Materials

a suitable pen, such as a cheap ballpoint pen
a florist's water vial.  I asked for a few of these at my local flower shop and she sold them to me for 25 cents a piece.  Try to find thin ones as they will be easier to find heat shrink tubing to fit.
heat shrink tubing that will fit around the circumference of the tube.  In my case I needed some at least 3/4" wide.
a heat source such as a propane torch or a heat gun or hair dryer

Step 2: Assemble

slip the heat shrink tubing over the bottom the water tube, leaving about two inches of heat shrink tubing extended

carefully insert the non-writing end of the pen into the remaining heat shrink tubing

use a hairdryer or low flame heat source to slowly and carefully shrink the tubing around the pen until it conforms to the shape of the pen and holds it snugly..     Be careful about heat:  keep your fingers and hair away and don't burn yourself.  If the heat is gentle enough, the pen will remain functional

Step 3: You Have the Coolest Pen in the House Now

enjoy your living flower pen!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What a fantastic idea. I think I would get much more excited about to-do lists if I had one of these. :D

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    hee hee, I can picture it in a fancy restaurant or dress shop too, for people to sign their checks with.