Long Ski Sled



Introduction: Long Ski Sled

In this instructable you will learn how to construct a very fast sled. I would like to point out that there is no stearing mechanism, and it is very hard to stear. I am not liable for anything that you choose to do or not to do.
I decided to make this one day because none of the sleds i could find at a store went fast enough with enough durability at a reasonable price, and i thought it would be a fun project to do at home. 

Materials you will need-
-duct tape or other waterproof cloth
-angle iron
-wood board
-wood dowel or long thin piece
-foam(I used 3")
-pvc pipe(5-6 feet)

Tools used
-sawzall(table saw would work better)
-propane torch or heat source

Step 1: Skis

The skis were made out of a 6 foot section of pvc pipe. It was cut straight down the middle with a sawzall, though a table saw would work better. I then measured 7 inches down and made a mark. After that I took a propane torch and heated it at the line. Next I bent it to a 45 degree angle and let it cool. Now you will have to cut your dowel in half and screw it onto to skis. Your skis are now done.

Step 2: Seat

The seat is made of a board, a thick slice of foam, and duct tape. First you cut your board to your prefered length and width. Then cut your foam slightly larger. Then the long part, putting the duct tape on the seat. I put two layers on, the first one went side to side then the next one went front to back, but u can make whatever design you would like,but keep in mind that setting a design on top  of your layers is not ideal because the cold weather can effect the stickiness of the tape. The way I did it was setting a strip of duct tape on the ground, sticky side up then set the foam and board on top, and pulled it around tight then stuck it to the board and each other, in the end i put a bunch of staples in using a staple gun, but that is optional.

Step 3: The Frame/Bridge

The frame was made out of an old angle iron bed frame. I started out by making a rectangle slightly smaller than my seat. I then made two wide u-shaped pieces that were about 6 inches wider than my rectangle. I then welded a strip to each side for a piece to screw onto my skis. i then took my u-shaped pieces and turned them upside down so they stood upright and looked like n-shaped pieces. then i set the rectangle on top of both of them and welded them together. I  painted it red, which is optional.

Step 4: Assembly

Now you have your skis, your seat, and your frame. First take your frame and drill 6 holes in the top to put in the screws, and also drill some holes in your attachment strips. Then turn it upside down to attach your seat. It should be solid. Now turn it right side up and set it on the skis, then make sure your skis are at even lengths and are evenly apart at the front and back.. Then screw it in. Now there is only one  left to do........ Try it out, and have fun!

In the end I learned new welding skills and that if I put my mind to something, I can do it.

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