Longshot Modification

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Ya so i noticed very few ls mods on this site, so i decided to open mine up, and with a little help from the folks at nerf haven, see what i could do. heres what i got:
AR removal
new breach
new barrel
lsfg intigration

1/2 inch (type L i think) copper tubing
5/8 inch brass tubing (should fit over copper tubing tightly)
hot glue
super glue

power drill

around 12 dollars, depending on where u get materials

warning: with this mod you will only be able to load stefans, which is not a problem and do not let it deter you from doing this mod. however, if you are dead set on using stock darts, you may simply ignore the breech and barrel mods. there will also be a brief stefan making tutorial at the end of this ible.
also note: stefans are more powerfull than stock darts anyway.

Step 1: Open Up the Beast

take apart your longshot. pretty self explanatory.unscrew all the screws. it helps if you either leave the screws in there holes or stick them in a cardboard template. it should look like this when you open it up.

Step 2: Take Out the Junk

remove all of this stuff. you don't need it and it makes things a pain.

Step 3: Cut the Breech and AR Removal

now take your hacksaw and cut it nice and straight as shown in the second pic. sorry about the 2 unedded pics. sorry about no pics on air restrictor removal, just dump out the black thing  and drill right through with a power drill through the back. all the stuff should just dump out after that. if not just runn it through with the drill. you should be able to see the plunger head when you put it back together. if you have questions comment and i will try to help.

Step 4: New Chamber

now take your 5/8 inch brass tubing and glue it onto the black thing. make sure its nice and even and it will save u a lot of trouble. i used epoxy for this. it also helps if you have a little bit of PETG or something that will fit inside that will help it stay even.

Step 5: Add the Bolt Sled Nub

remember that stock breech that you cut off? well i hope you saved it because we will be needing it. cut off the bolt sled nub, the orange part in the attached picture. now take your 5/8 inch piece of brass and cut score marks in it with a knife that you don't care about or can easily sharpen. these should just be little scratches, not huge slits. now put on a TINY drop of super glue. put it back in the LS but don't close the gun. now close the breach compleatly and slide the bolt sled forward. now make any adjustments in the highth of the nub by sanding or cutting it down. then glue it on with an exessive amount of glue. i use super glue, and that will only hold for about 50 shots. i have also tried amazing goop, multi-purpose cement, and epoxy and none of them have been able to hold it. i have heard that either fishin' glue or zap a gap work well, but i cant find any.

Step 6: To the Other Side.

now take your nice piece of copper tubing and cut it so that there is a piece about one dart length long that is thin enough to pass through the slit in the top of the clip. wrap about one layer of electircal tape around it and shove it in like shown. there should be no full copper pipe sticking out beyond the farthest edge of the breech. you will have to fiddle with pipe sizes for a while. if the breech will not close, it is either getting stuck or the copper piece is to long. if it is not cocking, your piece of brass is not long enough.

Step 7: LSFG Integration- Step One

this step will be to integrate the lsfg, or long shot front gun, the little piece of poo that usually sits on the front of the stock gun and actually decreases performance. the first step will be to cut the longshot and lsfg down to size. sorry there are no pics of this beforehand. first open up the lsfg and gut it. do a simple AR removal and then put it back together, just without the internals. now. mark it where you want to cut and either dremel or hacksaw it. do the same with the longshot. the image notes will give more discription if needed.

Step 8: Lsfg- Step 2

glue the shell into place, one side at a time. next add the internals, and take some wire and tie the too triggers togther. again, more detail in image notes if needed.

Step 9: Re-assemble.

pretty self-explanatory. put it all back together.

Step 10: Brief Stefan Making Tutorial

go to the store and buy some 1/2 inch foam backer rod. cut it into 2 inch segments and straighten them with either hanging it before cutting or a blowdryer afterwards. now take a hot glue gun and burn a small hole into the top and add a small metal bb into it, then cover with hot glue and bam! your done.

Step 11: Updates

this will be where i post any new updates on my LS or any other nerf stuff:
working on a new breech that will shoot shotgun stefans
modded lsfg to shoot either shotgun or mega stefans, but am having trouble with the catch.
shotgun stefan breach failed, so went with the angel breech
lsfg is in pieces and don't work. kinda just gave up on it for a while.

Step 12: Cant Build It? No Problem

if you are having any problems with anything nerf and just want to buy it, shoot me a pm.



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    23 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hey how much for about 300 Stefan's? Also what are they made of & what condition are they in?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    an easy way ive found to reinforce my boltsled is to buy thin tin sheeting or aluminum/aluminium sheeting and cut it to the size and shape of your boltsled and jb weld it to the inside


    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks check out my lonshot. Well just the front but i just kept the stock breech till i get an idea but it hits 100' with streamlines. suprising? well there is a bbb spring added. nothing broke yet

    4 replies

    yet bieng the key word there. getting 100's with a stock breach and a bbb spring is going to take a toll on your parts. you better keep quite the stock of re-inforced spares handy. otherize great looking gun!

    well adding some neoprene or other foam to the plunger head is a good start. other than that you can either replace the stock parts with better quality plastic or metal ones, or you could just start putting jb weld and wire wherever you have room.


    7 years ago on Step 6

    can i use cpvc because i cant find brass. copper dosent fit they are really expensive. i found cpvc is 10ft for $3 plz answer

    1 reply

    There are some different kinds of breeches you can build with cpvc, particularly if you wanna single it. however, this breech is just one that I made and is outdated and is not very good. i would recomend keeping the stock breech and just removing the AR's.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice mod dude also the mod on the barrel you did is it called an angelbreech???? also here is my beast over 90ft i must say

    3 replies

    no the mod i did in this instructable is not an angel breech, it is something i made up on my own. i currently have an angel breech on it now and will hopefully post an ible on it soon. the angel breech is not my idea though. i got it from forsaken angel on nerfhaven.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It is called an angel breech because it invented by a guy on nerf haven called forsaken angel 24


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    nice mod also what is the ft and not trying to start a fight but at least answer this ?

    why could you do such a grate paint job on your longshot but not paint your titan???????????????????????????

    ... it is a good paint job


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you and because when I made that instructable I did not feel the need to but it is painted now.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    no prob i made those comments because if you didnt paint it no one in a big war would take you sereously also what does your titan look like??????????? comment on my page because i dont want to make this dude think he is getting all these comments about his longshot. also what do you think of my longshot comment on my page or privet messege me.

    ya i think u got a wright up of that on NH don't u? and btw, im sorry but i think singled longshots are lame. i mean, why don't just get a bbb. go with the angel breech. thats what i have on mine now.