Loom Band Circular Patches




you need

a small loom

some loom bands


a c /s clip

Step 1: Starting

Start by making a normal fishtail

Step 2: Taking Out the Band

After 4 or 5 normal fishtails take the hook and pull out the first fishtail in between the rubber bands.

Step 3: Taking Out First Band From Rubber Bands

when you have taken the first fishtail then drag it in between of the rubber bands and it will look like this .

Step 4: Putting More Bands

after pulling the first band in the last photo start making fishtails and remember to put the fishtail pony inside the new rubber band.

Step 5: Almost Done !

after making fishtails you will be able to see a design like this if you are able to see that means you are doing correct and if not try again.

Step 6: Putting the S Clip

in the end, put the second ( last) rubber band and then take the first rubber band in one peg and stretch it to put on both the pegs and put the s clip

Step 7: Taking Out

after putting the hook take it out

Step 8: Joining the Hook and the Circular Patch Bracelet Is Done.

in the end take the last rubber band with the hook and attach it on the other side.



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