Low Budget Cracking Whip

Introduction: Low Budget Cracking Whip

A whip.. how cool is that!
Did you know the knot goes over 350 meters per second.. bet you want to make one right now do ya ?

- at least 6 Meter of rope (i've used 4 and 8 MM both work fine)
- tape
- something to cut the rope
- a stick (any stick)

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Step 1: Preperation

Take the rope.

Cut it in three pieces about 1.80Meter to 2.20Meter.

I took some shorter pieces to make it more clear on the pictures.

Step 2: The Knot!

Tie a knot with the three pieces (leave about 15 cm at the other end for putting it on the stick)

Step 3: Braiding Was Never So Cool!

I tie the shorter end to a door so i can pull a little while braiding

And then lets start braiding..

For if you dont know how to braid.

Step 4: Almost There

Now you stop braiding with about 20 CM left.

You roll al litlle tape at the point where the braid stops

Then you cut of 2 of the three pieces of rope (i allways let the longest one stay)

Make the end of the braid and the single string as one piece (with the tape)
so it goes from thick to thin..

When thats done you tie a knot in the single string sticking out the braid
the knot is about 3CM from the end.

Step 5: The Stick!

Now you put it on the stick with some tape..Remember that there will be quite a lot of force on the rope so you better tape it to the stick too tight then too loose.

If thats done.. youre done!

On the last picture are 2 whips ive made.. the both crack and hurt..

Remember its not a joke to hit some one with this

Step 6: The Crack!

Now this is it!

How to crack a whip..

Go somewhere with the space needed (a lot)

The normal crack:
Youre a clock (yes you are!)

Your head is 12 o clock.. feet six o clock.. and your facing three o clock..

Take you arm (with the whip) from six o clock to 1 o clock and then to 4 o clock..
You dont need much power or speed..
I found that women can learn it faster mayb cuz they dind't fore it too much..

The crack is not a blow .. its the air that "cracks" by the speed of the knot on the end.

And ofcourse youtube is loaded with people showing there skills.

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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    for those of you have ever asked why does it make that "crack" sound? believe it or not that's the sound of the tail breaking the speed of sound.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this looks cool!  but where do you get the string or can you use cheap string and toataly cover it in tape. + sold i use electrical or duck tape? look at me  blabering on!   sorry for typos:)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Personally, I would use paracord, its very strong, and just the other day I saw about 50 ft for 5 dollars at a local Rangers Surplus.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     thats a nice bargain.
    ive used.:


    this one is cheap but... cheap.. not too fun too braid
    it does crack.


    this one is more expensive but real nice and gives a massive crack.


    and this one is kind of free.. its the rope that holds the stack together.
    where i work that rope is trash but its strong and kinda heavy (compared to the first kind of rope) but also a lot of loose fibers and not fun to braid..


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     i've used both.. the ducttape (or duck) is harder to put on but the electrical cant stand the pressure for too long.

    its your choise.

    and you can cover the whole thing in ducttape but its less aggile and cracks more difficult. i only use just a little tape to cover the end of the braid and a little to attach it to the stick.

    ive built so many whips with so many kinds of rope..
    never had one that did not work (change the stick if it doesn't work)

    for more exiting whips check the big flexible horse whip and the thick gnarly bull whip

    if you made a few like mine you can built any whip once u know how to crack it.

    for more info just pm me