Low Impact Explosive Targets

Introduction: Low Impact Explosive Targets

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These are some very fun and satisfying little targets to shoot. They should work with anything accurate although ive only tested these with a 22 pellet gun, im almost positive any type of airgun or real gun will work well. So if you like target shooting try these out and be safe because these do use low end explosives.

Step 1: Materials

-potassium perchlorate (can be ordered from www.pyrochemsource.com) -aluminum powder (can be ordered from amazon) -strike anywhere matches -cardboard -paper -duct tape -sharpie or marker(red) -scotch tape -scissors -electric scale -pliers -hot glue gun

Step 2: Flash Powder

i would not make more than 5 grams of flash powder at a time. so if you are making a 5 gram batch use 3.5 grams of potassium perchlorate and 1.5 grams of aluminum powder. If making more or less just use 70% perchlorate and 30% al. powder by weight. Once you have measured these out mill the perchlorate seperately from the al. powder, i use a round D battery to roll over the perchlorate to remove clumps then fluff it up with fork. Combine the al. powder and perchlorate on a piece of paper and diaper the two ingredients together, then use a spoon to spread the combination over the paper and crush any small clumps of perchlorate and mix it with the alu. powder.

Step 3: Matches

use pliers to crumble off the tips if the matches. Do not crush up the crumbled match tips, if it is a powder its really hard to set off. Crumble about 15 match tips.

Step 4: Make the Targets

cut the cardboard into two circles the same size. Spread the matches in a circle in the middle of the cardboard circle. spread flash powder over the matches. put hot glue around the outside if the curcle and press the other circle over it. wrap this in duct tape. lastly draw a red target on a white piece of paper with a bullseye where the matches are and tape this to your target.

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    thanks:) although i should probably work on putting in more pictures, and clearer instructions