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This instructable is part of the Instructables Build Night with Dodocase at the Taipei Hackerspace

Have you ever wanted to show your kids something up close, but find using a magnifying glass clunky? Here's a way to make a simple, fun to use low-magnification microscope using your Dodocase VR kit. In this version, I have given the microscope a stand, but it could also be a portable viewer to take along on nature walks.


  • One Dodocase VR, assembled
  • One empty tissue dispenser box
  • One fairly rigid sealable plastic bag approximately 7 x 12 cm
  • One small, hefty object to act as ballast

Step 1: Making a Stand for Your Microscope

In order to keep your Dodocase VR in pristine condition, you can make use of the magnets on the side to attach the viewer onto the standing tissue box. This is also nice in case you want to pivot the viewer around a bit on its stand. At this point you should also place the ballast object in the tissue box to prevent it from tipping. I used a digital camera.

Step 2: Prepare Your Slide

Pretty self-explanatory: anything that fits in the bag and is fairly flat can be used to make a slide.

Step 3: Viewing Your Slide

Place the slide on the cardboard flap, leaving the part that you want to view in the cut out opening and close it up! The results are sharper and more stunning than the photo allows.



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    1 year ago

    It is better to stick or put some magnifying glass from a laser flashlight in front of the camera phone. Unfortunately, the object is very close, but the increase is at least 10 times. Another solution is just to remove the magnifying glass from a laser flashlight and put something in front of the light. On a wall he would see the image with an incredibly large magnification.