Lunchboxrc's Knex Gunbow





Introduction: Lunchboxrc's Knex Gunbow

This is a gun that i have been desighning for a while. it is sort of like a cross between a knex gun and crossbow. it can shoot very fast and very hard will shoot 75-125ft. with 4 rubberbands. it has a 12 round magazine and fiber optic sight. There are two shooting modes a mag and a add on single shot barrel for increased accuracy and power. for the battle field or for faster shooting I reccomend using the mag because you can shoot it faster. But if you do target shooting then i reccomend using the barrel for its good accuracy and power. please leave comments. PS i am open to suggestions about this gun email me @ Please leave NICE comments THX. Happy Shooting.

Step 1: The Propulsion System

1. Biuld this
2. build this
3. Add #1 to # 2

Step 2: The Body

1. The body
2. The right side of the body
3. the mid sectoin
4. The right side
5. Build this and add it to the bottom of the body where the 2 white connectors stick out.

Step 3: The MAGAZINE

1. The MAG
2. side veiw of the MAG

Step 4: The Handles

1. The front handle hooks on to the little black connectors on the side of th body.
2. the rear handle

Step 5: Ram Rod and Pushrod

1. the ram
2. the pushrod

Step 6: Extras

The single shot bolt action silencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is insane because there are 2 ways tto do this you can leave the barrel unconnected so it breaks away like a bullet shell or you can connect it for 50% better accuracy. can hit a penny from 10 ft. using the fiber optic sight. The bullet stays on course for 25 FT. plus this
2. add the bullet
3. connect to the gun

Step 7: Adding Bands

1. add the two large rubberbands
2. another angle of step 1
3. add the smaller band here
4. the same as the other side
5. add a large rb to the MAG
6. add the littlest band to the trigger



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    hey its the truth. lol. i was joking, although we need alot less block triggers nowadays. its getting real annoying to see the only things being posted are block trigger. aka copies of other guns.

    the first knex gun was a block trigger, the first few knex guns were block trigger. you dont get pissed of about those do you?

    no they made a black connector but it fails bec. the rods get stuck in the mag I mean the MAG!!

    Is it possible to sub the modified grays?

    actually ya u can, i voted on the pocket graphiti pen and the fireball shooter, and i guess i'll vote on this too, if there's no limit

    i thought you ment vote more than once on one single instructable