Magnetic Bottle Bottle Opener

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In this instructable i am going to make a magnetic bottle opener that is shaped like an classic cola bottle .

It is made from scrap wood so it is really cheap to.

To make this instructable i spend about 5 hours . So please like and comment, your support really helps.

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Step 1: The Begin

I first drew the shape of the bottle on the peace of wood. than i flipped the peace around and mark out the spot that will be milled away later

Step 2: Mill Out the Notch

I used my router to mill a notch on the back of the board. You can skip this step but than you will have 2 screws sticking out the back of the bottle .

Step 3: Saw Out the Shape

I used a jigsaw to saw out the shape of the bottle . when you did the last step correct you should have a peace missing on the back of the wood (pic. 4)

Step 4: Shaping and Install the Screws

For this step i used a rasp file and some sand paper ( 80 grid )to get the rough shape of the bottle. after that you can clean it up with 120 grid sand paper.

Than you can install the screws as shown on pic. 5

Step 5: Add the Magnet

I actually forgot about this step ,so i had to go back and do this after i had the first lair of paint on the peace.

Al you have to do for this step is make a hole and glue the magnet in . Just make sure you don`t forget it :(

Step 6: Paint and Lacquer

To paint the bottle i used acrylic paint in the colors : black , red and white

first i painted the base and than i spend 45 min. to get the logo right.

Than just apply a finish (i used clear lacquer ) and open a cold one.

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