Magnifiers and How to Easily Use One

i have a magnifier at my desk and i believe that they are one of the best helping tools you can have mine has two arms with alligator clips on the end and a large magnifying glass in the center the reason i say you should buy one is because when your soldering small parts the magnifier really helps you see what you are doing the alligator clips are good at holding circuit boards. If you have one and plan to use it first get attach your circuit board to one of the clips, next attach your item you want to solder to the circuit board ill just use Led for an example to the other alligator clip and if you need the magnifier you should put it as close as you can with still some room for you solder gun flip the board and led over and insert the led where you want then solder and you done!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What is in that Altoids tin? Is it an Altoids tin project or just something to hold components?

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I made an arm just for one of my magnifying glasses. That way it is independent of whatever holding device I use. It is more flexible for me to use it apart, than connected to the helping hands. Plus mounted separately I do not think the glass is as in the way as mounted to the helping hands either. I got a magnifying glass with one of my helping hands. The optical quality is so poor that my lens distorts a lot so I don't use it. The glass I do use came out of a projector of some kind. I bought it from American Science and Surplus.