Magnify Glass Invitation

Introduction: Magnify Glass Invitation

For my daughters birthday party we're going to have a quest. So we needed fitting invitations.... here it is.

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Step 1: Needed

You'll need black paper, sheet, glue, scissors, ruler, something to cut a circle; I used a die cut machine, bone folder and a marker.

Step 2: Prepare

I used black paper, 6 cm x 30 cm. mountain fold at 2 and 4 cm. Valley fold at 1 and 5 cm.

Step 3: Weaken Paper

pull the paper to make the paper weaker so you can create the circle.

Step 4: Cut

cut out little triangles to create room foor the circle.

Step 5: Cut Out Circle

and write your message.

Step 6: Create Handle

I used a piece of 4 x15 cm, fold at 1 and 3 cm lenght. Cut 1 cm at 1, 2 and 3 cm.

Step 7: Glue Circle

put the sheet between the layers of paper and glue.

Step 8: Finish

Put the handle in the middle and glue both sides.

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