Maintain Health by Meditation

Introduction: Maintain Health by Meditation

in our busy day to day life exercising for hours and hours is not possible to maintain good health. by meditation you can fully and completely relax yourself in short period of 10 min.

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Step 1: Sitting Position

sit in comfortable position and on flat surface. it is better to sit by keeping your right leg on left thigh and left leg on right thigh ( also known as padmasana in yoga) or vice-versa.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: Closing Eyes

close your eyes slowly. and take care that place you have chosen for meditation is calm. noisy place is not recommended.

Step 5: Breathing

the most important part in meditation is breathing. your breathing should be slow. concentrate on breathing you should feel the coolness of inhaled air and warmth of exhaled air. the cycle of couples of abdominal breathing and couples of chest breathing is recommended.

Step 6: Observing

observe each and every part of body. reduce as much as thoughts in your mind as you can. relax your each and every muscle of your body right from your leg to your mind.

Step 7: Breaking the Meditation

while breaking meditation after your meditation is over rub your hands with each other and touch your hands to your eyes, now slowly open your eyes. now first lift your legs one by one in forward direction and finish meditation. thanks.

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