Maintainig Your Coup (tips to Starting and Mantaining a Chiken Coup)




Introduction: Maintainig Your Coup (tips to Starting and Mantaining a Chiken Coup)

Haveing a chicken coup is a wonderful thing. You are relying on yourself for delicious farm fresh eggs. You can eat your eggs and if you want you can sell them for extra income. Haveing chickens is a great and easy way to get off the grid be self dependent and use less fuel.

Your  coup must have these aspects to be succesful:
  • a dark dry nesting box to lay eggs and nest.
  • space
  • protection (animals,weather)
  • feed and water stations

your coup will need chickens, if you want white eggs i suggest the white leghorns, other laying breeds include the rhode island reds and barred rocks but produce brown eggs.

you will need to clean out the poop regularly (the poop has  high nitrogen and phosphate levels makeing for a good fertilizer i attached a picture of my vegtable garden which was extreamly sucessfull this season due to the fertilizer another added benifit.

you should also have a chicken run or a secure fenced area for you chickens to run around during the day.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a nice conceptual introduction to the idea of keeping poultry. Are more details available?