Make a Bonsaï





Introduction: Make a Bonsaï

make a Bonsaï from a normal nursery tree

Step 1: Choose Your Base

a conifer tree was my choice, here I took a Picea Glauca.

Step 2: Choose Your Pot

A suitable Rock: make a hole (don't forget 3 or 4 draining holes)

Step 3: Make the Cutting

The tree must be cleaned :
- brush the roots and cut the big ones
- cut the branches to shape the Bonsaï
- direct the branches using some wires.

Step 4: The Potting

the photos speak best

Step 5: The Final Result

don't forget to add some moss.
....and pray that the little boy will keep strong :)



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    I like the rock for a pot, however I have to say that I think you removed a bit too much. With trees like this it is often best just to clean up the branches and thin out everything so that the canopy is transparent, then wire everything down to create a more natural image. Picea do not backbud, so it is best to just work with what you have rather than remove so many branches to conform to the traditional Japanese right branch left branch back branch etc. form. If you wired down and spread the smaller branches on top and it filled in a little it would be really cool. I strongly suggest that you look at Walter Pall's blog because he does a lot of this stuff, and there is other great info there too:

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    I agree with you,

    this was my first try, right now the plant seems to be keeping on

    thanks for the website of Walter Pall.

    Go to and type in "create bonsai" or whatever. Click GO. That will give you at least a million choices.

    I will tell you a Great Truth... be prepared to see trees die. I was at it for a few years and I killed a lot of them. It takes practice. The main thing you will learn is PATIENCE.

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    why don't just say: "nice try boy, I wouldn't have made it this way, but wish you good luck".
    is it that hard?

    Dude. You mangled that tree. You didn't look it up first.

    till now we have only read bad opinions from you, can we have something positive ? and more important, can we have some real advices (yours, not those of your friend Google), and yet even more important: Can we have some examples of your own works???

    Not google...

    I no longer own Bonsai trees. I am satisfied with my houseplants.

    Use the links I gave and go see how to do it.

    1- StartPage is powered by Google.

    2- I'm asking myself why you no more own Bonsais....

    3- I'm sure your friends and relatives end any converstation with you with these words: " OK now! You are usual"

    4-Thanks for all your support and wise advices.

    1. Startpage does not follow you around like Google does. You would have seen that if you hadn't dismissed it without a try.

    2. I am old and I don't WANT any Bonsai. Is that allowed?

    3. I am usually right. That is because I figured out a long time ago that the best way to learn is to shut your mouth and listen.

    4. "Advice"... NOT "advices".

    ....i give up, you're hopeless.

    I can't say, "Nice try."

    LOOK at what you did! Now compare that with actual Bonsaio.


    2 years ago

     Of Critics

    How often have the critics, trained 
    To look upon the sky 
    Through telescopes securely chained, 
    Forgot the naked eye. 

    Within the compass of their glass 
    Each smallest star they knew, 
    And not a meteor could pass 
    But they were looking through. 

    When a new planet shed its rays 
    Beyond their field of vision, 
    And simple folk ran out to gaze, 
    They laughed in high derision. 

    They railed upon the senseless throng 
    Who cheered the brave new light. 
    And yet the learned men were wrong, 
    The simple folk were right.

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    thanks a lot! still I hoped something from your own experience.
    Well, we are not all willing to share with others (Yeah, it's sarcasm)

    Why would you do an Instructable about something that you admit you have no knowledge about? You tore apart a perfectly good tree and made it look like Frankenstein.

    I have been doing Bonsai (pronounced: bone - sigh) for more than 25 years and I still don't understand the lives of trees.

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    1- when do I say that I've no knowledge about Bonsaîs (thanks by the way for the prnounciation tips) ?

    2- It's not very cool of you to say that my little boy is a Frankenstein :(

    3- 25 years doing Bonsaïs? I realy respect that, and will be more respecting if you give us some good advices (may be by making an Instructable?)

    Wow. Bonsai is so easy. Anyone can do it. (Yeah, sarcasm.)

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    I just wanted to share my experiment.

    It's a good thing that my instructables makes it seem easy...but it's not.


    honest answer: I hope, only time can tell.
    If it does, I'll post some pics.