Make a Coffee Table

About: I did this with 2.6.0#3

there will be only the bare necessities here

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Step 1: Get Lumber

go to the store, do some fast math regarding your dimensions while looking at lumber.

here you need to decide what dimensions, weight capacity and overall appearance you will be trying to achieve. this is honestly best done in the isles of home depot

Step 2: Use Tools

your gonna want some tools to put the lumber together with. I prefer using a screwdriver and screws. some folks prefer fancy wood jointing and glue, and still others are old fashioned and use nails.

Step 3: Use Paint

go back to home depot, buy more paint than you need. also, extra brushes

Step 4: Watch Paint Dry

this will be fun, just sit back, and let it do it's thing in a well ventilated area.

Step 5: Enjoy Results

use your new coffee table. tell people how you made it yourself. it's important to express what tools were used.



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