How to Make a Flamethrower

Have you ever wanted to shoot a fireball into the air well then this is your lucky day.I'll teach you how to make a flamethrower with common materials around the house .By the way don't be harsh it's my first instructable.

Step 1: Get the Crap for It!

toothpick pam(or anyother cooking spray) a lighter
oven mit (optional)

Step 2: Light It Up!

hold the toothpick sideways,light up the lighter,light the top of the toothpick, and then hold the toothpick upright.if you use an oven mit then put the oven mit on before you light the toothpick

Step 3: Fire Ball!

now take the pam and spray the flame a fireball will fly out in the air.

Step 4: Final Words

sorry for the no pictures thing it's my first one and for safety you might want to do this out side



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