Make a Puzzle

Introduction: Make a Puzzle

1. Gather the material you will need:
• Scissors, glue, permanent marker, cardboard, picture that you want to use as the puzzle.
• You can print out the image we have provided at the end of the instructions or use your own picture.
• You can also draw your own picture on a white sheet of paper.

Origional Link:

Step 1:

2. Trace out the size of the picture on to the cardboard.
3. Cut the cardboard so that the size of the cardboard is equal to the size of the paper.

Step 2:

4. Apply glue to the picture
• make sure that the glue is evenly spread on to not leave lumps in the puzzle.
5. Place picture to the cardboard (glue side down) and press smoothly.
•  Allow a couple minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 3:

6. On the back of the cardboard draw the puzzle pattern that you wish to have.
• You can make the jigsaw pieces as big or as small as you want- depending on how difficult you want the puzzle to be.

Step 4:

7. Cut along the lines of the pattern you had drawn till all of the pieces are cut out.
8. Mix up the pieces so they are not in order.

Step 5:

9.  Congratulations! You now have a puzzle you can enjoy time and time again.

Step 6: Demo Picture

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