Make a Ring Out of a Quarter




Introduction: Make a Ring Out of a Quarter

just a simple ring made from a quarter with the tools i already have. i know there are people with awesome skills that do this and i have no skill in this field of work i just want to show you dont need anything fancy to make one. the proper tools to make these rings can be gotten off of ebay pretty cheap. toold to buy to make it go a little easier that i now have are a steel ring mandrel and hole punch block also a ring size gauge witch i have gotten all for less than 30$. i sell the rings for $15 so i got my money back.



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    I cold smith rings. I notice no tool marks on this project and no distortion of the lettering. I doubt that you made this.

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    the lettering and image do distort a bit and the bigger the ring the more distortion. when i decided to make thest i thought there woulnd be alot of tool marks i do get a few but the inside of the ring the image is alomost gone

    This looks pretty cool. But maybe a little more about how you did it? I am very curious, and Instructables is about sharing the "how-to"

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    I've made a few of these tools instead of buying them. And I've made a few of these rings. I'm not good at it but it was so simple to make. You can find so many YouTube videos on this. But I agree you should at least show some more pictures or description on how it's made. But YouTube would be a lot better if you're interested